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Low-noise synthesizer of the Radiocomp LLC with a frequency range up to 20 GHz

16 September 2019. Low-noise synthesizer of the Radiocomp LLC with a frequency range up to 20 GHz


SignalCore's New Signal Generator

30 August 2019. SignalCore's New Signal Generator


We invite you on August 6, 2019 to the International Workshop on Signal Generation and Frequency Synthesis SGFS-2019

21 May 2019."Learn more about the "International Workshop on Signal Generation and Frequency Synthesis SGFS-2019"

The "Radiocomp" LLC took part in the exhibition "ExpoElectronica-2019"

22 April 2019. The "Radiocomp" LLC took part in the exhibition "ExpoElectronica-2019"


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National Instruments (till May, 2014 known as Phase Matrix, Inc.) designs and manufactures radio frequency (RF) and microwave test and measurement (T&M) instruments and components and is an independent, privately held California-based corporation.

Located within the "Golden Triangle" of Silicon Valley, National Instruments proudly manufactures within its facility a wide variety of proprietary microwave hybrid components for use in its instruments, including state-of-the-art samplers, high-performance YIG-tuned filters, mixers, and multipliers. National Instruments's team of design and manufacturing engineers consists of experts in the field of RF and microwave components and equipment software and hardware, many of whom are longtime employees of EIP. The technical staff includes individuals who have Ph.D. degrees in the field and are advancing the state of the art in the fields of synthetic instrumentation (SI), fast-switching synthesizer modules, and high-frequency microwave components.

In 1999 former employees of EIP Microwave, a well-established and longtime manufacturer of RF and microwave T&M instruments, purchased a substantial amount of EIP's assets to form Phase Matrix, Inc. In their senior technical roles at EIP, the founders of Phase Matrix contributed significantly to EIP's most innovative products, including continuous-wave and pulsed microwave counters and VXIbus synthesizers, counters, and down converters. The company vigorously supports the large installed-base of EIP products under the EIP brand. In addition, National Instruments maintains solid relationships with its OEM customers and cultivates new ones by offering turnkey solutions, private labeling, and new product development.

In 2004 Phase Matrix expanded its product offering by forming a microwave components group, which develops and manufactures a broad spectrum of RF and microwave components such as wide band voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), digitally tuned oscillators (DTOs), and phase-locked oscillators. In 2006 company formed a frequency synthesis group, which is in the process of developing fast-switching synthesizer modules. In 2007 Phase Matrix announced the development of its innovative family of PXI down converter modules for use in SI applications, which consists of five PXI modules that are configurable in any one of five configurations and can operate over the 100 KHz to 26.5 GHz frequency range.

Certificate US.C.35.010.A № 49479 On January 30th, 2013 synthesizers FSW-0010 and FSW-0020 got entries in the Register of Measuring Instruments that is supervised by the Russian Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency (Certificate US.C.35.010.A № 49479).


The presentation of the Phase Matrix Company in Moscow on August 30-31, 2012

Phase Matrix:


316 kB
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In Russian
A.Chenakin, Compact Fast Clean Synthesizer // Components and Technologies, 2011, № 7, pp.114-116.
247 kB
In Russian
Dreams have transformed to reality (interview with Phase Matrix Vice President A.Chenakin) // Electronica: NTB, 2012, №7, pp.44-49.

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