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Low-noise synthesizer of the Radiocomp LLC with a frequency range up to 20 GHz

16 September 2019. Low-noise synthesizer of the Radiocomp LLC with a frequency range up to 20 GHz


SignalCore's New Signal Generator

30 August 2019. SignalCore's New Signal Generator


We invite you on August 6, 2019 to the International Workshop on Signal Generation and Frequency Synthesis SGFS-2019

21 May 2019."Learn more about the "International Workshop on Signal Generation and Frequency Synthesis SGFS-2019"

The "Radiocomp" LLC took part in the exhibition "ExpoElectronica-2019"

22 April 2019. The "Radiocomp" LLC took part in the exhibition "ExpoElectronica-2019"


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Inexpensive RF Devices

RF step

RF Probe
Developed by:
Radiocomp LLC
Developed by:
Radiocomp LLC
Developed by:
Auburn Technology

Spectrum analyzer
Signal Hound
Spectrum analyzer
Signal Hound
Developed by:
Radiocomp LLC
Developed by:
Test Equipment Plus
Developed by:
Test Equipment Plus

Tracking generator
Signal Hound
Tracking generator
Signal Hound
amplifier, divisor
and synthesizer
Developed by:
Test Equipment Plus
Developed by:
Test Equipment Plus
Developed by:
Radiocomp LLC
Filters from Leading Manufacturers Worldwide
Radiocomp, LLC delivers the wide range of RF & Microwave filters with frequencies varying from DC to 110 GHz. These filters are used in commercial, industrial, defense and space applications. We deliver filters of the following types: resonator-based, microstrip, tubular, and waveguide filters from BSC Filters; quartz, thin-film, SAW, and LC-filters from Vectron International; lumped component filters, filters with capacitively loaded rods, with quarter-wave length resonators and filters in SMA adapters from BSC filters and K&L Microwave. Also we deliver switched filter banks and many others types of filters.

Dimensions of supplied items range from miniature components to a relatively large blocks. Models for surface mounting, with connectors, mounting holes are available, manufactured in particular by Mini-Circuits.

We also offer various kind of filters for EMI filtering: bolt-style filters, mini screw-in and micro screw-in filters, pin filters, flexible leaded filters, flat pack filters, broadband filters from EMI Filter Company and SOURIAU PA&E.
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Measuring and Test Equipment

Radiocomp LLC delivers RF/microwave measurement and test equipment from leading manufacturers worldwide.

For basic measurements and testing we offer frequency counters operating in a wide range from 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz, USB power sensors (from 9 kHz to 8 GHz), USB synthesizers (up to 4 GHz) with a wide choice of parameters, and also signal generators operating in the range from 0.01 to 20 GHz, intended for the automatic test equipment (Mini-Circuits and Phase Matrix production).

Signal Hound compact analyzer and tracking generator from Test Equipment Plus company are effective tools for spectral analysis up to 4.4 GHz.

Compact modules, as well as desktop blocks from NoiseWave represent noise sources and intended for noise measurements and various test applications. Applicable for testing CATV systems or wireless networks.

The list of the delivered equipment is supplemented with tools intended to expand frequency operating range for measuring devices. They are: modules for antenna measurement system, harmonic mixers with low losses for application with the spectrum analyzers, down-converters for noise factor measurement system, frequency converters blocks to be used with the vector network analyzer, covering a range up to 325 GHz.

For specific tests Radiocomp offers the complex for temperature tests from the Ironwood Electronics company, allowing to control the chip temperature (BGA and QFN packages) during tests.

VSOs Manufactured by the Leading World-wide Vendors

The Radiocomp, LLC delivers the wide list of the narrow-band and broadband voltage controlled oscillators (VCO), with the frequency range up to 110 GHz manufactured by the leading world-wide vendors. We offer both relatively low frequency VCOs for frequencies up to 8 GHz (Mini-Circuits and Z-Communications production – the largest producers of VCO) and high frequency ones: for 12.65-38.5 GHz (a UMS production); for 3-43 GHz (Phase Matrix).

The Radiocomp also delivers VCOs with two output signals (Mini-Circuits).

The offered oscillators are produced by means of different technologies including quartz resonators, SAW resonators (Vectron International) and Gunn diodes. Units in the form of chips (UMS) and modules of the various sizes (Phase Matrix, Z-Communications) are delivered.

To meet all requirements of customers the Radiocomp offers VCOs in packages of different types: with connectors, adjusted to the surface and through-hole mount.

Frequency Synthesizers

Frequency synthesizers take an important place in production offered by Radiocomp, LLC. We deliver fixed, narrow-band, middleband, broadband and very broadband synthesizers from 50 MHz to 20 GHz. In the list of offered products both low-frequency models, with working frequencies up to 7800 MHz (Mini-Circuits and Peregrine Semiconductor production), and high-frequency synthesizers, with working frequencies up to 20 GHz (Phase Matrix and Miteq), are presented.

Functional basis for majority of delivered synthesizers is the PLL scheme, also models with DDS (Phase Matrix) are offered. Integer and fractional synthesizers, synthesizers with delta sigma modulators, models with low phase noise, with high resolution (0.001 Hz for some Phase Matrix models), with small switching time and with other features are delivered.

There are models arranges as chips (Peregrine Semiconductor), as well as and of the various types and sizes, including models for installation in standard racks.

Synthesizers delivered by Radiocomp, LLC are intended for civil and special use. Also there are radiation-resistant models (Peregrine Semiconductor).

High Frequency and MW Switches

Delivery of hi-tech microwave switches and switching systems manufactured by the leading world-wide vendors allows the Radiocomp, LLC to satisfy versatile requirements of the Russian customers. We offer switches and the switchboards made with use practically of all technologies: integrated, solid-state, electromechanical, on the basis of MEMS and fiber-optical devices.

Delivered products vary from simple switches to multi-position switches and more complicated matrix systems that apply various switching topologies.

At the list of offered switches there are relatively low-frequency products manufactured by Mini-Circuits (DC - 6 GHz) and Peregrine (10 Hz – 13.5 GHz), products for wider range of working frequencies - Dow-Key (DC - 40 GHz), Paciwave (10 MHz – 40 GHz), UMS (DC - 26 GHz).

Delivered switches are carried out in the form of miniature electronic components for surface mount and through-hole mount (Mini-Circuits, Peregrine, UMS), modules with connectors of different types (Dow-Key, Paciwave, Mini-Circuits), toroidal, latching, rotating and other waveguide switches (Dow-Key) and also rather large-sized blocks of matrix systems (Dow-Key and Paciwave production).

Radiocomp offers switches for general application and for special use, made, in particular, by Dow-Key and Peregrine.

High Frequency Transistors

When delivering this category components to the Russian consumers the Radiocomp, LLC places the main emphasis on powerful field-effect transistors from leading world-wide vendors. As a semi-conductor basis of such transistors both traditional (silicon) and newer materials (gallium nitride and gallium arsenide) are used. Transistors of the last group are characterized by high linearity, low noise level, high working voltage and efficiency.

Radiocomp, LLC offers number of transistor models on the silicon basis let out by the Polyfet RF Devices for working frequencies from 80 MHz to 1500 MHz with output power from 2 W to 600 W and gain of 8…18 dB.

GaAs transistors are presented by relatively low-frequency models from Toshiba (3.3…15 GHz, output power 33…51 dBm) and high-frequency models from the UMS company (up to 40 GHz, power dissipation of 280 mW).

Among powerful transistors on the GaN basis the Radiocomp, LLC offers ones from the Polyfet RF Devices company (frequencies up to 2 GHz, output power up to 120 W), relatively high-frequency devices from Toshiba (8.5…14.5 GHz, 44…47 dBm), and transistors manufactured by UMS (up to 6 GHz, up to 50 W).


High frequency and microwave amplifiers at frequency range from DC to 105 GHz are widely represented among products supplied by Radiocomp, LLC. The list includes low-noise amplifiers, broadband amplifiers, powerful amplifiers, pulse amplifiers, waveguide amplifiers, cooled amplifiers, and also models with a high dynamic range, with a variable gain, fast delivery models, etc. Numerous standard amplifiers, as well as customized versions are also offered.

We offer relatively low-frequency (1.6…1260 MHz) amplifiers from Polyfet RF Devices with gain up to 55 dB and output power up to 200 W, the products from Mini-Circuits for frequencies at the range DC…21 GHz and from Pascall (0.5…18 GHz). Also devices from B&Z, who is a leader on the microwave amplifiers market (5 kHz…60 GHz), Centellax (DC…65 GHz), Miteq (1 kHz…65 GHz) and UMS (1…105 GHz) are delivered.

Amplifiers are manufactured as integrated circuits (Mini-Circuits, UMS, Centellax), as miniature electronic devices for surface or through-hole mount (Mini-Circuits), as modules of different types (Mini-Circuits, B&Z, Centellax, Miteq, Polyfet RF devices), and also as instrumental devices (Mini-Circuits).

Amplifiers specially designed for space applications are produced by Miteq.

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